December already…

40d505aed2338d52cd7513eeeed84b39[1]I’ve not been around for quite a while. High time to rectify that.

But then, I do have a good excuse… I hope. I’ve been very busy writing.

It is strange how whilst writing, a book and its characters take on a life of their own. What I had planned initially changed as the book progressed. The Sheridan Mysteries have now been renamed The Belgravia Antiques Mysteries. And the initially two main characters have now become five main characters… hence the series’ name change, too.

And there’s more… finally, yes, FINALLY! a title was found. My editor/publisher and I did some considerable brainstorming, and the title is Vengeful Legal Deal. And, there’s more yet… almost simultaneously, my editor/publisher and I decided that the characters were too wonderful, colourful,  and in many ways endearing, to stop writing about them after one book. The plans have already been made for more books.

One of the greatest joys is weaving my many years of wheeling and dealing in antiques/collectibles/vintage/and decorative items into my books. What greater delight  than writing about my characters going on buying sprees at the world famous Portobello Road Antiques Market… and Bermondsey Square Market… and going to auction. Quite a vicarious thrill for me.

Vengeful Legal Deal is with the editor now… and will be released soon.



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