2014 New Year’s Eve



New Year’s Eve… and the day is steadily marching onwards… never stopping for a moment… not even for a breather… just on and on it goes. A steady, unwavering pace. Seconds adding up to minutes… adding up to hours. And then… it is goodbye 2014, and welcome 2015.

Have you ever given some thought to the passage of time? One moment it is a beautiful summer’s day… a day to remember. And then it joins the queue of history. It’s gone forever. Not necessarily forgotten, especially if it was a memorable day of sorts, but it is gone. Never ever to come back. For we cannot turn back the march of time. Damn shame that. How often I wish I could. If not for myself, then at times for the world. With today’s knowledge, we could right the wrongs of yesteryear. But we can’t.

Was 2014 a memorable year? For some, yes, and for others, no. For me? Some aspects yes, and some aspects no. Fair to middling one could say. Do I mind saying goodbye to 2014? No.

Oddly, I’ve never been particularly interested in the new year’s celebrations. Of course there were times when I got swept along. But, I always by far preferred Christmas, and New Year’s… well, that was the inevitable partner shackled eternally to Christmas. A bit like the song “Love and marriage…”, “horse and a carriage…”. And thus it is with Christmas and New Year. So, saying that, for me, New Year’s has always been the less interesting member of this partnership.

Not being an evening person certainly does not help. If I am not in bed by 10pm, I feel like death warmed over the next day. Totally bonkers but true. I am the up-with-the-lark morning person. All bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed when a large percentage of the those in my part of the world still lie snoozing. My brain also tends to switch off at 6pm every single day. Can’t do a blasted thing about it. It just happens. It’s a right pain in the old-proverbial in more ways than one, but ho-hum… Writing in the evening is a lost cause, and when I have, I produced gobbledegook. In fact even my editor picked up on that, “What are you on about?” Uh, yes… uh… frankly, I haven’t a clue! What was I on about? Search me!

That brain-switching-off-at-6pm may be one of the reasons why I am not particularly enthusiastic about New Year’s Eve. Holding an intelligent conversation, or even any conversation at all, with someone who is falling asleep on her feet is rather off-putting, don’t you think?

There’s something immensely gratifying, and oddly also exciting, about crawling into bed, and falling asleep well before the midnight bells chime in the New Year. So peaceful being totally oblivious to the passing of time… and then waking up early, and fresh as a daisy, several hours into the new year. I’ve done it so often that I’ve grown to quite cherish it,

So, while many don their finest, I’ll don something thoroughly comfortable. I’ll pour myself a Rose, make me something really nice to eat. Watch some TV or select an entertaining DVD/film. And well before midnight, I will be snuggled up and asleep in bed. Of course I love a festive New Year’s Eve dinner… like the picture I posted – don’t you love the ambiance? and the gorgeous dinner service and matching glasses? I’d love a dinner in such a setting, but as long as I can be asleep well before the bells chime midnight.

Tomorrow will be the first day of the first month of that drooling, gurgling, and diapered new year. And by the end, that once upon a time new year, will  be as decrepit, tired, and ancient as 2014 is now. We just can’t turn back time. If only. But… nah, no good these “if only” musings. No use either. Time just steadily marches on totally unphased by the world surrounding it. Plod… plod… plod… never faster… never slower… always that same steady plodding rhythm. And in that same steady rhythm, time is now plodding this year to its end.

I don’t particularly mind to see the end of 2014. I have my memories. But I also have my hopes. And I have set these hopes now for 2015. Soooo…..

Happy New Year! May it bring all you hope for. May it bring happiness and good health!


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