Another Saturday afternoon

The second Saturday of the new year. The new year is only 10 days old… or should I perhaps say young… and oh my, what a year it has been so far. The last few days will not be easily wiped away from peoples’ memories… nor mine.

We take freedom of speech, freedom of thought/thinking, freedom of being, for granted as our right. And of course it is our right! This is not the Dark Ages. I most certainly am not living in a society which places “braces on our brains”, our words or our thoughts, or worse yet, shackles us into fearful submission or else. My heart goes out to all those placed in such a situation.

These and other thoughts are going through my mind this gloomy, wet Saturday afternoon. These last few days have brought home how preciously we must guard our freedom. It is not merely about our freedom now, but the freedom of those who will follow after us.

As a writer, I protect my freedom to write what I wish. It does not matter whether I am writing some escapist romantic story, or ditto suspenseful mystery, or a more insightful story… it is the freedom to write these that is so valuable, and my right.

It is our right to read what we want. It is our right to listen to the music that appeals to us. It is our right to dress how we wish. It is equally our right to believe or not to believe. Men and women are equal. And as adults we can love who we want… man/woman. man/man, woman/woman. I could go on and on… but I think  that you can think of lots more rights we should not merely be grateful for, but agree we have to protect for ourselves and for posterity. I’ve been aware of this for quite a while already, but the horrific occurrences of the last few days certainly have brought it home emphatically. I think I am not the only one.

And 2015 is only 10 days young. What a start. We raised our glasses and exchanged wishes for happiness and good health, only 10 days ago. What a sad start to 2015. I hope it will get better…



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