The magic of the snow crystals continues…

There was no better time than the month of December 2014, to start writing the first quarter of a next book in the Crystals series, for the story starts on Christmas Day itself. I loved writing the first book in the series, and I am now loving bringing back old and dear friends, and introducing new ones.

Marianne Christine Etherton returns in this next book as a free woman. She’s scarred, damaged, traumatised, but free, and she’s alive! She’s shed the name Kristie, which she’d been forced to adopt many years ago, and now as Marianne, she is learning to come to terms with all that passed over the decades. Finally free, her true nature, for too long forcibly and cruelly suppressed, blossoms, and a gentle soul emerges.

Whilst writing The Snow Crystals, as I reached the middle of the book, I realised that Kristie was growing on me… yes, Marianne Christina was really growing on me. And before the book was even finished, I knew that I would be bringing her back in a following book, for I came to love my character, Marianne. So, I will now love introducing to my readers, the real Marianne, the woman, who lived under a dreadful yoke for too long.

In the next book, which has the working title “Living Apart Together” (and who knows, it may end up with this title… or not…), I am introducing some new characters, too. Of course I am bringing back throughout the book the “old” characters from the first book, but this story is primarily about Marianne, and her new life.

Some of the characters I’m introducing are Cyril Twyford, a widower who is moving to Combe-Norton in the Cotswolds, to be nearer his brother and sister-in-law. Then there’s the widow Hattie Vane, who is a woman on a mission. And Elfie, the estate agent and Marianne’s friend, can best be described as a Chihuahua sized “Great Dane”. I’m having lots of fun developing this pint sized, sharp witted, intelligent character.

Will there be romance in the next book? Of course!

Will the magical snow crystals feature in the next book? They’re as necessary as breathing, so, of course.



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