All in a day’s work and thoughts…


Pat-on-the-shoulder-time, for today I reached the approximately halfway point of the next book in the Crystals series. YAY! Which also means that I will shortly commence tormenting my characters less and less. I don’t do it on purpose. Honest. It’s just the way the story runs. Besides, let’s face it, real life doesn’t run smoothly either, so why should my created characters lead a perfect life? The only difference being, that I, as an author, can give my characters any kind of ending… happy, meh, or downright miserable. I prefer to avoid the last two. lol. But sometimes…

Up until now the question “will they ever meet again” hung heavily in the air for the two main characters in the second book of the Crystals series. But soon, very soon, they will find out that they are both free agents, who can do as they please. I do like, actually in fact love a good romance.

While my characters are creating new lives for themselves, summer is fast approaching in the pretty Cotswolds market town.  The long, warm evenings bring friends and neighbours together… and a chance meeting.

There is the inevitable fly in the ointment… Hattie, a widowed woman who has set her heart on the attractive and very much available widower, Cyril. Far from being bad, let stand evil, our Hattie is still an annoyingly persistent entity. Why is the widower she so dearly favours, more interested in that woman with the silvery eyes?

I am having fun with this book. Believe me, it is turning into a delightful romance, that also proves that love can happen to anyone, at any age.

I am now looking forward to writing the second half… and then it is off to the editor… and last but not least, get it released well in time for Christmas.


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