Changes and new beginnings…

Thus far, 2016 has been a year of changes, and new beginnings, too. New home. Other location, which is paired with a sense of being home again. In all, it’s had a tremendously positive effect on my writing. One book will be released later this month. To be followed shortly after by another one. And  then there’s a seasonally themed feel-good novella which will be released well in time for Christmas. Oh, and magically themed one in the paranormal genre, has to be finished in the next couple of months in time for a Halloween release. So, yes, a year of changes and new beginnings. Certainly a new found energy…

But, on the writing front, that’s not all, for there’s more. Books which merely need finishing off. And I am exploring other genres, too. But more on that later… another time.

In the next blog post I will be sharing more about Vengeful Legal Deal, its wonderful cover, and more about the book itself. Ideas for a next book in the Belgravia Antiques Mystery series are already bouncing around my mind. And shortly after, I will also reveal the title and cover of the one after that… a suspenseful romance. That’s all happening this summer!

Thus far, 2016 has been a year of changes… all for the better. And I am sticking to the road I am on.






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