Book 1 in the Belgravia Antiques Mystery Series

Well, as promised, I am proud and delighted to reveal – drum roll – the beautiful cover to Vengeful Legal Deal, the 1st book in the Belgravia Antiques Mystery Series. The book will be released shortly, with special thanks to Ella Medler of Paper Gold Publishing and Patti Roberts of Paradox Book Cover Designs.

Years ago, I wrote a short story with every intention of submitting it. But… the looming deadline brought all kinds of doubts. In the end I listened to my intuition, and didn’t submit it. For the rules for submission to a short story competition, being held by a well known magazine didn’t sit well with me. I never once regretted my decision!

With the story safely in my possession, instead of someone else’s, I let it rest for a while, and a couple of years later, re-read it again. And out of that one short story, a whole book materialised. And not merely one book, but a series. Michael Sheridan and his best friend James Templeton (auctioneer), as well as Michael’s horrendous mother, Jessica, and his “girlfriend”, Valerie, already featured in the short story. As did the Victorian beauty whose picture Michael found in a dilapidated album. As I started to expand the story, I came to love  these characters more and more, and they so deserved more than some paltry couple of thousand words or so. And thus, this short story snowballed… into 100K plus words. For, if I’d not listened to my intuition, Vengeful Legal Deal would more than likely never have been written, let stand these wonderful characters ending up in a series.

The next books in The Belgravia Antiques Mystery Series are being worked on already.. I’ll also be adding, amongst others, some of my experiences whilst I lived in France… For in one of the next books, I am, sending Michael and his father off on an adventure filled buying spree to France.

Anyway, there’s also a moral to be found here (lol), and that is always listen to your intuition!

Vengeful Legal Deal, Book 1 in the Belgravia Antiques Mystery Series 12115860_10153356186397982_152616552913173461_n[1]

When psychic antiques dealer Michael Sheridan buys a Victorian photo album in auction, he doesn’t expect to unearth a Pandora’s Box of lies, deceit, and revenge. As fate would have it, the villain looking to settle the 130-year-old vengeful score through murder is closer than he thinks.
With his father and best friends becoming involved, Michael has to stay a step ahead to keep them safe, a task more difficult now that the beauty in the Victorian photo is calling for help.


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