I don’t know about you, but when I am tired, fed up and want to turn my back on the world, and forget its existence for a while, I disappear through the portal of a book, into another world. And when I resurface… my batteries have been recharged.

Unfortunately, I’ve not had much time of late to read. Been too busy writing. I finished one, which will be released ere long. In my next blog post, I’ll share the lovely cover, and tell a bit more about the book. Plus, I’m in the very last throes of finishing off of a suspenseful paranormal story… with a dash of romance.

As much as I love writing, I do miss escaping into a book… OK, I know, in a way I am escaping into my own books… but it is not quite the same. Suppose watching BBCs ¬†Eastenders is escapism, too. Although, saying that, as much as I continue to enjoy watching the trials and tribulations in Albert Square, it’s not exactly relaxing. On the other hand, the Strictly season (BBC1 Strictly Come Dancing) offers glittery and musical escapism paired with great dancing. But it still isn’t a book…

Often people ask what is your favourite genre, or what do you enjoy reading, etc. My answer is always the same: it depends on my mood. And when I’m in a tired, fed up with the world “mood”, I seek escapism. And it can take many forms, but it is oftener than not, light or “lightish” (so, no Einstein and his theory of relativity and such. lol) and entertaining.

So. with all that’s going on in the world, and assuming I am not the only one.who needs to disappear down the rabbit hole at times, I try my best to offer this much needed escapism in my books.





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