Saturday afternoon…




The 13th of December already. Since I got back from shopping, I’ve been enjoying listening to Classic FM… their musical selection is liberally spiced with Christmas music. Just as I like… no, love… yes, just as I love it. Since many years now, each December anew, I look forward to their offer of seasonal favourites, old and new. For me, a life without music is inconceivable.  Besides which, music is so wonderfully inspirational.

Even though I am a writer, I am also a homemaker. A ho-hum down to earth homemaker, like many other women all around the world. For instance, getting shopping for the weekend and into the next week is a necessity, just like taking care of my beloved cats is. They need their breakfast and dinner, and litter for their loos. And besides this, there are the not to forget other ho-hum tasks like hoovering and cleaning, doing laundry, washing the dishes, and cooking. All of them equally necessary… equally important. Either or is not an option. Writing is vital. Giving my pets the best I can is vital, too. And then there is my home… It hardly is a museum, but I do possess a reasonable dose of house pride.

Much to my regret, I haven’t written a thing yet today.Instead, I’ve been sourcing pictures for my Facebook author’s page, for Twitter, and for this site – my blog. And I’ve been promoting my books… getting myself known. In between all that, I’m pleased I even got the dishes washed… a considerable pile I hasten to add.  Honestly, I wish that there were several of me. And one could go and rustle up a nice soup and salad for my dinner a bit later on. It’s nice to dream…

Made a pot of mint tea… pour myself a mug, and get some writing done.




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