Circle of Protection…

Delighted that it’s almost time… on Friday, the 28th of October, my next book, Circle of Protection will be released. (details will follow)

It’s years ago now, since the first  seeds of an idea were sown for a book which ultimately evolved into Circle of Protection. It went through stops and starts, comparable to frustrated motorists’ expectations and experiences of the Leeds roundabout system. After each stop/start, something changed. And thus this paranormal tale steadily developed. A few bones from the original skeleton remain… but many have been replaced, renewed, upgraded, and more so, I added danger and evil.

Apart from a number of my characters possessing special powers, they’re all essentially normal people, who live in London, Bath, and in a small (fictive) market town in the West Country. In my book, the gorgeous county of Somerset has magically acquired a new market town… Yeocombe is based on the myriad of charming market towns to be found scattered around the West Country.

Once again, the wonderful Patti Roberts, of Paradox Book Cover Designs created cover magic. And special thanks to my dear and much appreciated friend,  Ella Medler of Paper Gold Publishing,  who will be releasing this book as part of a book box set on the 28th (links, etc.soonest).


Driven by insatiable greed, Mark Drew employs the powerful witch Lorel, to realise his every desire. When he meets Violet, the great niece and heir of the wealthy Sir Peter Grosvenor-Willetts, he proposes to her with one sole purpose. To attain this fortune, through whatever means. Magic… and even murder. The ensnaring spell cast off, Violet flees, with the help of her great uncle, to a small town lying within a protective circle. In this idyllic sanctuary, Violet’s life takes a happy turn, as she discovers her own magical identity, and love. But, Mark is adamant in his pursuance… as the forces of good versus evil do battle.




YAY! Finally…

… the first book in the wonderful, suspenseful Belgravia Antiques Mysteries series will soon be released, thanks to Ella Medler of Paper Gold Publishing.

In Vengeful Legal Deal, I introduce some delicious characters. Especially the five main characters – all antiques dealers – are essentially an eccentric lot.  More so, they’re the kind of people I would love to count amongst my friends. And I hope that my readers will feel likewise. They’re a memorable lot… lovable, sympathetic, intelligent, funny. I confess that I fell in love with them. Because of this, I decided that they had to come back. Plans and plots have already been scurrying around my brains for the next books.

I introduced a few characters, who play the minutest of roles in the first book, but will get more air time in subsequent books. More eccentrics.

Once again, Patti Dunn Roberts of Paradox Book Cover Designs worked her magic, and I have one of the most enticing covers possible for Vengeful Legal Deal. I LOVE IT!!  For now, all I can do is give you a Sneak Peek… The great reveal will take place in several weeks time, first and foremost on Facebook… but also on Twitter… and of course here, too.