The Snow Crystals…


Today the cover to my book The Snow Crystals was revealed. Absolutely LOVE it!

“They glittered and sparkled in the soft white light of the full moon. They came slowly at first, then built up momentum. Like confetti tossed over a bride and groom at a wedding, the most perfect snow crystals fluttered and danced on the gentle breeze and descended on and around him.
Aidan didn’t dare move, lest he’d step on any of the diamanté-like creations. Instinctively, he knew that something magical had happened tonight.”

The Snow Crystals…
The lives of best friends and cousins, Aidan and Donald, are largely successful in all but love. A Christmas shopping trip turns awry when a disturbed stalker latches onto them. Will they be able to escape her clutches and find real love, or will a woman with murder on her mind kill them both?

Snow Crystals is a sweet Christmas romance which takes the reader along on the trail of a mystery set in one of the most picturesque landscapes in Britain: the Cotswolds. Written in a no-nonsense voice, with beautiful descriptions, an addictive cast of characters and a light thriller touch, this book would be a perfect trip down memory lane or for those who love stories set in England. (Ella Medler – Author)



Sunday, 1 December 2013

Last year Christmas, when I first got the idea for The Snow Crystals, I couldn’t imagine not setting it in the Cotswolds. It was perfect! It is such a beautiful, totally idyllic area, consisting of charming market towns, and picture postcard villages which lie scattered amidst undulating hills. Villages like the one pictured above. Besides which I love the Cotswolds! All the more reason…

I suppose I equally could have set The Snow Crystals in Yorkshire. I lived there, too, and know it well. Or in my much loved Devon, which lies South West of the Cotswolds… but it was the Cotswolds from the word go. Even though I know this area of the UK, I still trawled through numerous villages and market towns on google maps. Very helpful! And made me all the more homesick.

Another good source of inspiration was the Rightmove property site. And my homesickness merely deepened.

In The Snow Crystals, the market town of Combe-Norton, and the villages of South Woodside and Thatch Hall are entirely fictional, and not based on any existing places… they just came into being.



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